Maize Plant Discipleship


Maize Plant Discipleship is a scripturally-based learning resource, designed in collaboration with Africans for use in African contexts. I’m the author, developer and publisher of the resource.


Development of the Maize Plant Discipleship resource has taken place across three periods:

  • 2000-2010: Regular visits to Africa, engaging directly with African pastors, missionaries and students.
  • 2009-2013: Doctoral missiological research, in partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary, focussed on ‘A renewal of discipleship praxis amongst Burkinabé leaders and learners.’
  • 2013-present: Authoring the syllabus and resource, including development of a digital, multi-mode publishing platform, intended to facilitate widespread distribution—incorporating study, print, translation—in African contexts.


The goal of Maize Plant Discipleship is to facilitate learning that continuously moves outwards, drawing whole communities into patterns of scripturally-based discipleship in living dialogue with contextual culture.

Accordingly, the design, formatting and distribution are respectively:

  • Tailored to small learning groups, incorporating reflective discussions
  • Conceptually, culturally, linguistically accessible
  • Licensed for republication, training and translation
  • Suitable for informal or formal learning modes.


The Maize Plant Discipleship learning resource comprises:

  • A Syllabus Handbook
  • 15 Modular Handbooks
  • 60 Scripturally-based Studies
  • 240 Topical Sections
  • 900+ Reflective Questions
  • Innumerable scriptural cross-references.


  • PRINT: A5-format PDF handbooks are available to download in a format designed for simple and economic reproduction: typically 48pp, centre-stapled, with full-colour cover-pages. 
  • STUDY: Digital PDF e-books are available to download, for study and redistribution.
  • TRANSLATION: Plain text files are available to facilitate translation, with the potential for post-translation typesetting to echo original, English-language print formatting.


  • Maize Plant Discipleship resources are distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons license, which allows copying, printing, translation and redistribution, providing the terms of the license are adhered to.


  • Online Maize Plant Facilitator Training is planned. It will provide a 2-year modular e-learning course, aimed principally at Regional Facilitators, who will be trained and licensed to distribute Maize Plant Discipleship Resource.


From the cover of the Resource Handbook:

Growing maize is a metaphor for forming disciples.

Maize is grown throughout Africa. By ordinary, untrained people. For food; for sharing; for sowing. It is not the domain of specialist agriculturalists. Anyone can grow maize; almost anywhere. All it takes is soil, sunshine, rainfall, seed, some basic tools and a determination to act.

Likewise, anyone can be involved in making disciples. It is not the domain of clerical professionals. The need is to facilitate scripturally-based discipleship, by providing a set of basic tools, for the use of ordinary, untrained people.


Visit Maize Plant Discipleship website.