Maize Plant Discipleship


A scripturally-based learning resource, designed in collaboration with Africans for use in African contexts, authored and being actively developed by myself.


The Maize Plant Discipleship resource comprises

  • A Syllabus Handbook
  • 15 Modular Handbooks
  • 60 Scripturally-based Studies
  • 240 Topical Sections
  • 900+ Reflective Questions
  • Thousands of scriptural cross-references.


The goal of Maize Plant Discipleship is to facilitate learning that continuously moves outwards, drawing whole communities into patterns of scripturally-based discipleship in living dialogue with contextual culture.

Accordingly, it is:

  • Tailored to small learning groups, incorporating reflective discussions
  • Conceptually, inter-culturally and linguistically accessible
  • Licensed for republication, training and translation
  • Suitable for informal and formal learning modes.


From the cover of the Resource Handbook:

Growing maize is a metaphor for forming disciples.

Maize is grown throughout Africa. By ordinary, untrained people. For food; for sharing; for sowing. It is not the domain of specialist agriculturalists. Anyone can grow maize; almost anywhere. All it takes is soil, sunshine, rainfall, seed, some basic tools and a determination to act.

Likewise, anyone can be involved in making disciples. It is not the domain of clerical professionals. The need is to facilitate scripturally-based discipleship, by providing a set of basic tools, for the use of ordinary, untrained people.


Maize Plant Discipleship Facilitator Training is presently being developed as a 2-year modular e-learning course.

For more details, please visit the Maize Plant Discipleship website.