Mentoring, coaching, educating

I focus on calling and encouraging others onwards towards vocational fulfilment, through developing personal disciplines and leadership skills rooted in scripturally-based spiritual, vocational and contextual awareness.

  • I am presently occupied authoring Maize Plant Discipleship — a scripturally-based group-learning resource, designed for use in African contexts.
  • My educational philosophy centres on research and praxis relating to scripturally-based discipleship, contextual missiology and the Hebraic roots of Christian faith.
  • In the background I am gradually developing a philosophy named Hodos, which invites living vocationally, spiritually and holistically, in a way that is accessible to all—not merely those who readily identify with religious faith.

This is what some people have said about me and my work.

Living holistically

Living holistically means living with integrity — this means much more than honesty, by the way! It means finding ways to integrate all of the things we value. For me, this includes: