Dr Kevin Dyson

John is an exceptional person who has shown his capacity for serious work by completing firstly a very rigorous graduate level study program, then enjoying good success in the field with his praxis, before committing himself once more to further graduate studies, resulting in earning his doctorate.

John is to be congratulated for his determination and diligence as both these graduate programs are very demanding, but he has prevailed and can now spend his future applying the benefits of his academic labors based upon the application of critical theology.

The life-changing interaction of those embraced within his field are a testimony to his skills and ability as a teacher and mentor to many. Well done John — you deserve appreciation for all that has been done. It has been our pleasure to work with you in achieving this goal to benefit your fellow-man

Dr Kevin Dyson, President, New Covenant International Inc, Advisor, Masters Degree, 2003-8