Dr Cyndy Lavoie

It has been my pleasure to have known John for a number of years. Over this time I have become increasingly encouraged and amazed at his range of wisdom and expertise. I realized early on that personally and professionally I would benefit greatly from his perspectives and knowledge. And this has proven true.

Three things stand out to me:

  1. John brings a heart fully committed to cross-cultural mutuality. His unwavering stand on this flows from clearly articulated distinctions regarding mutuality and the role of the West to Majority World, and back again, in both our current age and as investment for years to come. My own understanding and thinking about cross-cultural mutuality has been solidly honed in his tutelage.
  2. John brings a keen eye and ability to discern true vocation. He has done the hard work of authenticity and perseverance around vocation for himself and he now holds a space of vocation for others. This is a powerful stance, coming from heart and will, that makes way for others to find their true vocation. This is a beautiful thing to behold; my own work as vocation has made more sense to me as I have considered vocation through his eyes.
  3. John has a commitment to excellence. He has challenged me and inspired me and made me (without his knowing it) to work harder at my own excellence in the things that I am about. There is an elegance of focus (excellence of time and space) about how he is living his life (excellence of action and choices) and an intentionality of purpose (excellence of intention) with a clear knowledge (excellence in clarity) of where he is at any given time. As a result, those who come into contact with him are called forth into these same ways of excellence. How great is this!

Finally, I have found the wisdoms and challenges and suggestions that he has offered to myself and the work I do, to consistently bear good fruit. I think this is rather astonishing, actually. I have had many people around me with many thoughts and ideas for many years but I have not been in community with someone who so consistently produces good fruit in context of another’s work.

This has been my experience with John. He is particularly sensitive to nuance, both in surroundings and in thought and movement forward. He is a keen thinker and asks smart questions. I find him a natural coach, drawing from others a greater awareness of what they are about. John is someone to pay attention to, to learn from, and to emulate forward.

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