Bob Campbell-Lamerton

John is widely read, academically tenacious and readily able to ‘grasp the nettle’ spiritually… He functions well as a team player on and off the field in a myriad of activities in his local community.

In missiological terms, John dared to stand where few others would and stay standing whenever the pressure surges came… This helped him to gain the focus and mature grasp he has of what can be involved in being the inspiring, authoritative, powerful, innovative, steadfast, sustaining and non-threatening practical presence that he is in far-off lands and cultures.

John identifies closely with God’s global mission. He has  a winning, pioneering spirit. His has the unusual gift of the combination of great intellectual ability with an equally great ability to make practical decisions and achieve organisational goals.

Bob Campbell-Lamerton, Adviser, Leadership & Teamwork Consultant, The Industrial Society (now Work Foundation). Associate, 2009