What hope for the future?

Surely we stand in a unique point in history with which to answer this question…

Following industrial and technological revolutions, two devastating world wars, the Holocaust, the Internet, a lurid profusion of information and education of all kinds, the progression of political causes and philosophies, the environmental movement… because of all of these, and so much more, we can say that man’s age of innocence is well and truly over.

We now understand — or at least, recognise — something of the dreadful extent of the evil of which mankind is capable, as well as it’s capacity for triumph over adversity and for unimaginable and extraordinary genius. We understand the tragedy of human suffering, but also the compassion or righting of injustice that may be ushered in its wake — think of the responses of people like Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, for example.

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