Maize Plant Discipleship

A Scripturally-based Learning Resource For Use in African Contexts, Freely distributable under license

Attribution: Florence Sipalla, CIMMYTSourceReproduced under licence.

Following 3 years of technical development and authoring, this month has seen the formal launch of “Maize Plant Discipleship.” Examining the concept, a Burkinabé theological educator stated:

“You are touching something that is not already existing. If we talk about evangelism, it may well be a new way of approaching evangelism, but we already have many methods of evangelism. But discipleship is really an innovative thing”

So, what is Maize Plant Discipleship? Continue reading “Maize Plant Discipleship”

Discipleship and the Crises of Globalism


Discipleship, in practice, relies upon winning hearts, before shaping understanding.

Discipleship is, first of all, a matter of allegiance and alliance. Loyalty and faithfulness to a core set of values. Values that may be: incarnated in a patriarchal figure (Jesus; Rev. Moon; Keynes etc.), written in a set of documents (Talmud; Mao’s Red Book; Deming’s Profound Knowledge) or represented by an institution (Vatican; Conservative Party; Google). Some form of discipleship is at the core of all people movements — be they social, political, religious or industrial. Continue reading “Discipleship and the Crises of Globalism”

Nakuru, Kenya, 2000

Anthony, Josephine, en route to Nakuru, from Nairobi airport

In December 2000, Sarah and I flew to visit Pastor Anthony and his wife Josephine, who had organised a conference in their church, in Nakuru, in the uplands of Kenya, inviting me to teach on the subjects of Prayer, Intercession and Overcoming Powers of Darkness.

Neither Sarah nor I had ever visited the African continent before. As our plane began to descend into Bujumbura airport (in Burundi), en route to Nairobi, a loud piercing, grating noise was emitted along with sparks of white light which could be seen out of the left hand side windows. An electrical fault? Something exploding from within the hold? People speculated about these things, as the plane came to rest safely and passengers for Bujumbura disembarked. Continue reading “Nakuru, Kenya, 2000”