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Culture, faith and worldview

Developing an intentional philosophy of life—i.e. becoming reflective and intentional about what we think and believe, how we reason and act—has the potential to transform how we live and what we experience in life.

We all have a philosophical perspective, usually subliminal, founded on what we are told by those whom we trust—in whom we have faith—be they religious, philosophical, political or scientific.

How we perceive, reason and think about the world is what makes up our worldview. Our place and behaviour within the world is a reflection of our culture.

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Real food, farming


Real food is essential to good human health. It is the outcome of a farming system that is: respectful of human dignity and health, animal welfare, food sovereignty, social justice and environmental sustainability; a system that nourishes and sustains producers, consumers, communities and the ecologies that nourish and sustain production. It addresses the following issues and more:

  • Disease associated with poor nutrition (obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc).
  • Loss of nutritional wisdom (many people can’t cook real food).
  • Intensive, exploitative farming practices (denuding of topsoil, widespread use of chemical pesticides, exploitation of livestock, loss of diversity of flora, fauna, loss of social, economic, cultural diversity in rural sector, ecological destruction, unsustainability, erosion, flooding etc.)
  • Exploitation of economically-poor farmers by multinationals (e.g. India, Tanzania, Monsanto, GMO seeds, local seed sharing ban)

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