Academy of Mission

The idea of encapsulating a series of teaching that could be taught readily in multiple locations grew out of a trip to Kenya, in 2000, where I presented a conference on mission, discipleship and spiritual warfare.

Three years later, during a period of prayerful seeking for God’s direction, I experienced the leading of the Holy Spirit directing me to:

Start working on a School of Mission and Ministry… Be prepared to take it anywhere in the world that I lead you…

Shortly afterwards, I received invitations to visit Houston, TX, USA and Léo, Burkina Faso to conduct schools of mission.

In the wake of this, the concept of a Mobile Academy of Mission took shape. It had the underlying philosophy of taking the teaching to the leaders, rather than the other way around…saving the precious resources of those least able to afford them.

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Burkina Faso and the relationships that developed were especially formative. This led to my returning in 2005 to present the teaching to a conference. It was attended by around 250 students and other young people, organised by Mouvement des Jeunes Serviteurs de Dieu.

I visited Burkina again, in 2008. At that time, Burkinabé leaders from Assemblée Evangélique de Pentecôte, suggested developing a printed resource. It would be used in seminars to allow leaders and learners to study more effectively and utilise it later to train others.

Following this, I set out to publish the Academy of Mission teaching. The syllabus is now reformed to incorporate the findings of my doctoral research, which contrasted scripturally-based discipleship with theological education and lead to the development of the resource named Maize Plant Discipleship.