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img_0319On this day, 30 years ago

The day a plane landed in Red Square, Moscow. 

An 18 year-old, inexperienced pilot, Mathias Rust, later deemed “psychologically unstable and unworldly in a dangerous member,” evaded the entire Soviet Air Defence system to land on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, adjacent to Moscow’s Red Square.

His action has been credited with directly leading to the biggest turnover in the Soviet military since Stalin’s purges 50 years earlier, playing a peculiar part in the detente that led to the ending of the Cold War.

Extraordinary story.


The Integrative Potential of Scripturally-based Discipleship

Between 2003 and 2008, I returned repeatedly to Burkina Faso, a landlocked nation on the southern borders of the Sahara desert. On each occasion, I was invited to present a series of missional, discipleship seminars, to two Burkinabé constituencies.

  • Rural-based, Pentecostal missionary-pastors and bible-school trainees associated with church-planting movement, Assemblée Evangélique de Pentecôte
  • Urban-based university students and young office workers associated with national youth movement, Mouvement des Jeunes Serviteurs de Dieu

On each occasion, informal feedback from participants suggested that a significant spiritual dynamic was taking place among participants during the seminars.

Between 2009 and 2013, building upon my experience of contextual leadership training, in conjunction with Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, I completed a programme doctoral research, exploring the missiological dynamics underlying my interactions with Burkinabé leaders and learners.

My research employed the perspective of contextual missiology to address theological education and discipleship in the context of Burkina Faso. My conclusions were based upon a qualitative analysis and evaluation of Burkinabé leaders’ and learners’ insights, attitudes, perspectives and hopes regarding incumbent forms of training and praxis.

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America’s Cup

Greatly looking forward to the America’s Cup, starting this evening and coming to a climax in about a month’s time. Sir Ben Ainslie—following his decisive thrilling participation in Oracle Team USA’s fantastic overhaul of Team New Zealand, in 2014—is the skipper of Land Rover Team BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing). This weekend sees the start of the qualifiers that, over the next three weeks, will lead to a finalist facing off against Team Oracle, the current holder of the Cup. Continue reading “America’s Cup”

Theological Education and Scripturally-based Discipleship: Critical Distinctions

Modern theological education, as generally understood and practiced today, is a wholly Western concept. Yet, over the past century and a half, it has become a global prescription. The reason for this is the successful expansionism of the Western missionary movement.

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Maize Plant Discipleship

A Scripturally-based Learning Resource For Use in African Contexts, Freely distributable under license

Attribution: Florence Sipalla, CIMMYTSourceReproduced under licence.

Following 3 years of technical development and authoring, this month has seen the formal launch of “Maize Plant Discipleship.” Examining the concept, a Burkinabé theological educator stated:

“You are touching something that is not already existing. If we talk about evangelism, it may well be a new way of approaching evangelism, but we already have many methods of evangelism. But discipleship is really an innovative thing”

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A Prayer

Father: May the rumination of our hearts,
Enter into the rumination of your heart.

May the gentle waves of discernment,
Elicited by falling pebbles of heavenly revelation,
Dropping into our spirits,
Form in us an Abundance of Life.

May the wounds of our past,
Now dressed and healed by your gentle renewal
Prove the very basis
Of our own gentle touch
As we reach out to a wounded humanity.

May the passionate prayers
That once welled up in tearful angst and fearful request
Now come home to us
In fresh expressions
Of hope and faith and love.

Bristly Ridge

Strenuous 7 miles. Scrambling grade 1

Bristly Ridge : Circular Route : OS Explorer
Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Weather: Cloudy, intermittent sunshine, gusty winds. Route summary: From Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. Up the Miner’s Track. Across Glyder Fach, via Bristly Ridge. Across Castell-y-Gwyllt, Glyder Fawr. Down to Pen-y-pass, via Cwmffynon. Start: OS Grid Ref: SH 661 559. Latitude: 53º 5' 1" N Longitude: 4º 0' 1" W. Elevation: Start 900 ft. Highest 3284 ft. Ascent 4375 ft.
Route elevation

Bristly Ridge is a grade 1 scramble, located on the north side of Glyder Fach, a mountain in Snowdonia, north-west Wales, the second highest of the Glyderau and sixth highest peak in Wales.

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Mynydd y Betws

Grade C+. 9 miles

Route : 9.2mi. OS Explorer
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2015. Weather: Wind, rain, fog.
Elevation: 990 ft. 3h 33m moving time. 4h 52m elapsed time. Av. pace 23 mins/mi.

Mynydd y Betws is a mountain located on the border between Swansea and Carmarthenshire, south Wales. It is the highest mountain in Swansea, and the highest land between the River Loughor and the Upper Clydach River.

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