Heart and hearth in harmony

A couple of years ago, a good friend, near to whom I formerly lived, now living several hours away from me, wrote informing me about a debilitating physical condition that had recently begun attacking the integrity of his body. Upon diagnosis, he was immediately admitted into the care of an NHS hospital. Sensing his distress, I shared this “blessing-prayer” with him. Continue reading “Heart and hearth in harmony”

Christianity is not a religious option

Christianity is not a religious option: it is a call to service.

What we think of as Christianity is an historic faith. A faith focused upon a series of stories, describing real, historic events that took place, within the larger history of the world. And the objective reality, at the heart of all these stories, is the calling, the “election” of a people — firstly the Jews, then from amongst every ethnos — every tribe, people, language and nation (I.e. the Gentiles) — to serve God’s eternal purpose: the renewal of creation. Continue reading “Christianity is not a religious option”

Nakuru, Kenya, 2000

Anthony, Josephine, en route to Nakuru, from Nairobi airport

In December 2000, Sarah and I flew to visit Pastor Anthony and his wife Josephine, who had organised a conference in their church, in Nakuru, in the uplands of Kenya, inviting me to teach on the subjects of Prayer, Intercession and Overcoming Powers of Darkness.

Neither Sarah nor I had ever visited the African continent before. As our plane began to descend into Bujumbura airport (in Burundi), en route to Nairobi, a loud piercing, grating noise was emitted along with sparks of white light which could be seen out of the left hand side windows. An electrical fault? Something exploding from within the hold? People speculated about these things, as the plane came to rest safely and passengers for Bujumbura disembarked. Continue reading “Nakuru, Kenya, 2000”