What people have said

It has been my pleasure to have known John for a number of years. Over this time I have become increasingly encouraged and amazed at his range of wisdom and expertise. I realized early on that personally and professionally I would benefit greatly from his perspectives and knowledge. And this has proven true. Three things … Continue reading Dr Cyndy Lavoie

Dr Cyndy Lavoie

I have developed a deep appreciation for John and his ministry. He has a passion for God’s mission and is gifted with the ability to creatively translate that into curricula and other materials that help individuals connect God’s purpose for their lives with his larger plan for humanity. Over the years, I have repeatedly referenced and … Continue reading Dr Andrew Mkwaila

Dr Andrew Mkwaila

I love what John is doing with his discipleship resource. I appreciate the approach to contextualisation it represents, including the humble offering of an outsider working against the colonial heritage by seeking to empower insiders. And your desire to move from equipping the elite in classrooms to equipping the whole church to serve the missio … Continue reading Dr Steve Sage

Dr Steve Sage

John is an exceptional person who has shown his capacity for serious work by completing firstly a very rigorous graduate level study program, then enjoying good success in the field with his praxis, before committing himself once more to further graduate studies, resulting in earning his doctorate. John is to be congratulated for his determination and diligence … Continue reading Dr Kevin Dyson

Dr Kevin Dyson

(The teaching) is opening up minds concerning the purpose that God has for our lives: to be blessed and become a source of blessing for others. And when you are able to understand the teaching, you are freed from every spirit of egotism… You are free from every kind of spirit of selfishness… Every kind of struggling … Continue reading Dr Richard Sawadogo

Dr Richard Sawadogo

John is widely read, academically tenacious and readily able to ‘grasp the nettle’ spiritually… He functions well as a team player on and off the field in a myriad of activities in his local community. In missiological terms, John dared to stand where few others would and stay standing whenever the pressure surges came… This helped … Continue reading Bob Campbell-Lamerton

Bob Campbell-Lamerton

It is with a sense of privilege that I commend these studies …knowing that they will take God’s heart, passion and compassion further and deeper into Africa… Men and women will thank God. I have no doubt that these books will speak to thousands and will continue to speak for many years to come. The … Continue reading Dr Les Norman

Dr Les Norman

We could hear God speaking through you. You revealed to us the eternal, unchangeable purpose of God, which is mission… Forty-three participants were your faithful listeners, most of them pastors and evangelists… Thank you on behalf of all our committee members, as well as that of the participants. I can assure you that the work was well … Continue reading David Zopoula

David Zopoula

I have been so much blessed with his conference, because I’ve been here since the beginning of the day, my life is not the same again. I’ve been interceding without knowing what I’ve been doing, now I thank God that through his teaching I’ve known who an intercessor is. So when a problem comes on … Continue reading Peter and Felicia

Peter and Felicia