About me

I am an educator and entrepreneur. I develop or contribute to initiatives that create spiritual, social and economic worth. Current involvements include: Maize Plant Discipleship, Llanelli Food Assembly, Llanelli Food Network, Banc Organics and Ramblers.

I have three earned degrees: a doctorate in Contextual Missiology, from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, an MPhil in Intercultural Studies and a BEng in Civil Engineering. My experience spans industry, commerce, academia and intercultural mission (civil engineering; graphic design; print; web development; doctoral research; leadership training). My intercultural missionary work has led to my working, training or studying, in Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Burkina Faso, the USA and Canada.


Faith is integral to how I understand and appreciate the world. I believe holistic faith leads to worldviews and practices capable of authentically facilitating human flourishing. Holistic faith looks beyond dogma, creed and belief to shared actions and values. In a holistic faith perspective, our personal faith, culture and worldview are held in appropriate tension with the cultural contexts and faith of others.

Authentically recognising (not merely acknowledging) the multiplicity of peoples and cultures in our shared world is transformative. It opens our minds and hearts to the complexity of human nature and the different conditions that respectively facilitate or deny human flourishing. For me, this is where true missionary activity begins.


My family and I live in South West Wales.


Between us, over the past couple of years, we have been involved locally in:

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