About me

As both a practitioner and an educator, I am most engaged when standing alongside intentional and reflective practitioners who are keenly seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding.

I have developed an innovative, ecumenical philosophy, informed by my intercultural experience, Pentecostal faith, doctoral research, professional background and commercial skills.

The work that I consider most valuable has been developed on-the-go, drawn out of me in response to contextual involvement. That work has then been enhanced and deepened by guided research and academically-accredited study, up to doctoral level. In this way, action and reflection, risk-taking and prayer, experience and study, praxis and theory have developed alongside each other, as integral expressions of life and work.


As a missiological educator, my work has focused principally on:

  • scripturally-based discipleship
  • intercultural leadership training
  • contextual missiology
  • syllabus development
  • digital publishing.

Recently, I’ve been drawn into involvement with one or two new contexts, on a voluntary basis: rambling, real food and organic farming. This came about through experiencing a personal renaissance, whereby I rediscovered a lost vitality through walking and a new dietary approach and lifestyle.

These involvements led respectively to my becoming a walk leader and then Chairman of Llanelli Ramblers and to joining a local community-assisted agriculture scheme and becoming involved with the associated biodynamic farming community. This, in turn, has opened up a new avenue of research: into the “big picture” of how we arrived where we are as a nation (in relation to food and farming) and where we might go next, in the wake of Brexit.

Prior to this current season, I have worked in:

  • industry (civil engineering), 
  • commerce (graphic design; print; web development), 
  • academia (doctoral research) 
  • intercultural mission (leadership training).

Leadership training, Burkina Faso

My intercultural missionary work has led to opportunities to work, train and study, variously, in:

  • Spain, Portugal,
  • Kenya, Burkina Faso,
  • the USA and Canada,

as well as the UK. I have three arned degrees:

  • Doctorate of Missiology (Contextual Missiology; Fuller SIS)
  • Master of Philosophy (Intercultural Studies)
  • a Batchelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering).


Faith is foundational to my worldview. I believe holistic faith leads to worldviews and practices capable of authentically facilitating human flourishing. Holistic faith looks beyond dogma, creed and belief to shared action, praxis and values. In a holistic faith perspective, the particularities of personal faith, culture and worldview are held in appropriate tension with the cultural contexts and faith of others.

Authentically recognising (not merely acknowledging) the multiplicity of peoples and cultures in our shared world is paradigmatic. It has the power to open our minds and hearts to the complexity of human nature and the different conditions that, in daily reality, either facilitate or deny human flourishing, for millions of people around the globe. For me, this is where true missionary activity begins.


I live with my family in South West Wales.


Between us, over the past couple of years, we have been involved locally in:

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