Interactive Map

The map below displays the routes of hill-walks and rambles throughout South West Wales, using Google Maps to upload individual walks and map them collectively, as an overlay.

Each walk is tracked using global-positioning-satellite (GPS) technology, via a smartphone app, while the walks are traversed. Routes can be downloaded and followed using a smartphone. Some walks are also described, with photographs and statistics in my walks blog.

View in a separate window, by selecting [ ] window-icon, top right-hand side.

Note: each route is linked to a car parking location, with GMaps directions available by clicking on location markers.

  1. Car parking and walk start points may vary from GMaps. Check before you set out.
  2. Route navigation requires GPS location service.
  3. Do not rely upon GPS in remote areas.
  4. Walks typically graded A-C, plus distance in miles:
  • A* = technical, scrambling may be required
  • A = strenuous: mountainous terrain, steep and rocky ascents
  • B = moderate: demanding in places, (potentially boggy) uplands
  • C+ = leisurely: some steep or strenuous ascents; boggy stretches
  • C = easy: mainly lowland walking, including hills, streams, mud.

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