Llanelli Food Assembly

Update: Llanelli Food Assembly has now closed.

In 2017, I established Llanelli Food Assembly as a Welsh Food Producers Market offering fresh food, direct from Carmarthenshire farms and numerous Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Swansea Food Producers.

The Assembly market works on a simple {Click} & {Collect} basis, via an easy-to-use online marketplace and smartphone app, with a weekly local collection point in the heart of Llanelli.

  • llanellifood.net explains the ‘How, what, where and why’ of the Assembly, introduces farmers, food producers and other suppliers, highlights the produce and announces weekly events and developments relating to the Assembly.

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The online marketplace is where the action takes place!

  • Join as a Member — Shop fairly. Eat better. Feel better!
  • Join as a Producer — Help Create a Better Food Eco-System.

Membership is free and without obligation.

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The Food Assembly

I initiated the Assembly, in 2017, under the direction of the Europe-wide initiative, ‘The Food Assembly’. Using the latest web and mobile software, a Food Assembly provides an online market of locally-produced food, for members to browse and order online.

Orders are delivered and collected weekly, from a local venue. Assemblies are also a community social event—a place to meet other like-minded people, see and sample new products and think about what might be ordered next week!

Food Assembly posits itself as a movement, spreading through Europe: very popular in France, where it began; expanding rapidly in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy and England and being pioneered in Wales—including in Llanelli.



Food for thought: Food Assembly producers receive 80p in the pound, for every product ordered online—comparing very favourably to the 15%-25% frequently paid by mainstream supermarkets.



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