How Food Assemblies work

Food Assemblies help local food producers connect with local people. They are part of a movement that began in France—La Ruche qui dit Oui!—which has since spread throughout Europe. We’re amongst the first to pioneer it in Wales, thought it appears to be spreading rapidly.

This is how they work…

Produce Information Uploaded to Online Market

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Local food producers upload produce information to our online market place. They set prices and an overall minimum order level to suit. The aim of each Food Assembly is to have a wide range of fresh, local foods, so that people can pick up lots of good things in one go!

The Weekly Market Opens!


Each week, we invite our members to browse the online market. Payment is made as part of the ordering process and producers are notified directly orders are placed. Two days before delivery is due the market closes. Producers receive a summary of that week’s orders to bring to the collection venue.

Delivery and Collection


Delivery and collection takes place at a local venue: the Llanelli Food Assembly will be in the Lliedi Suite of the Selwyn Samuel Centre, to the rear of Llanelli Leisure Centre, which is in the heart of the town, not far from the town hall.

Delivery and collection will take place on Tuesdays, between 5–6:45pm. Assemblies provide opportunity for members to chat to producers, see and sometime sample produce.

Join us


What are existing Food Assembly Producers saying?

This is now the main outlet for selling my organic fruit and vegetables. We only harvest exactly what our customers have ordered. Now we don’t have to eat spinach every meal for a week like we used to if we harvested it for a market and it didn’t sell! With The Food Assembly, I’ll be able to grow my business in an organic and sustainable way.

Lisa Payne, Vegetable Grower
Oakcraft Organics, Chester

We love the concept of a new and exciting way to buy and sell produce. The Food Assembly offers a new opportunity to enable healthy local economies by encouraging a more environmentally friendly shopping experience. The web aspect also attracts a wider market and is convenient for producers and customers alike.

Toby McKinnel, Wine Grower
Ten Acres Vineyard, Winkleigh



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