Long Man of Wilmington

Moderate 8 mile circular
Overcast, blustery

Screenshot 2017-06-13 05.14.44

A curiosity confirmed by National Trails:

If you walk or ride the inland bridleway route of the South Downs Way you will pass over the head of the Long Man of Wilmington and may never know it!


Fortunately, due to local knowledge, provided by my host, Andy, I was not in that position. The previous day, we had progressed about 16 miles easterly along the SDW, from adjacent to the Falmer Stadium of Brighton and Hove Albion FC, to our destination of Seaford.

During that time, we’d become used to following the SDW signs. From Alfriston, we ignored the temptation to continue so doing, in order not to be amongst those missing out on viewing the spectacle of The Long Man of Wilmington.

Our plan was temporarily postponed, albeit only for a relatively brief period, due to the determination of our canine companion, Henry, who was having simply too much fun to return to heel, when we entered pastured fields. It was worth the wait.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Sussex countryside, the Long Man of Wilmington stands 70m high—equivalent to forty men!


Route map, elevation, GPX:
Ordnance Survey, ViewRanger

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