Effortless Healing — Joseph Mercola

Most of what I learned from the highly-qualified, informed, committed and seemingly indefatigable, Chicago born-and-bred Dr Mercola came via his website, Mercola.com—with 25 million monthly visitors, “The World’s #1 Natural Health Website” —and its email newsletter.

After digesting Dr Mercola’s daily emails for the best part of a year or more, I came to recognise and understand the basic underlying health and wellness principles that he espouses. They supported, enhanced and considerably expanded upon what I had already learnt from The Primal Blueprint and Nutritious Traditions.


Dr Mercola’s dietary, nutrition and lifestyle principles can be accessed online, as a nutrition plan, but probably more succinctly and accessibly, via the book, Effortless Healing, which presents them as:

9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight and Help Your Body Fix Itself.

The nine essential practices are:

  1. Drink pure water
  2. Eat your veggies
  3. Burn fat for fuel
  4. Exercise less and gain more benefits
  5. Enjoy the sun and get your Vitamin D
  6. Let your gut flourish
  7. Clean your brain with sleep
  8. Go barefoot—and other ways to stay grounded
  9. Avoid six “health foods” (that aren’t healthy at all!)

The book contains a good overview and introduction before devoting a chapter to each of those principles. Through my research, I have found each one of them to be appropriate and helpful and have put each of them into practice—though I only rarely get around to grounding.

If you have questions about any of these practices—for example, why your health might be improved by exercising less, or why sunshine is not something to be avoided—the book will answer your questions well.


Dr Mercola is:

  • medically highly-qualified, having treated more than 25,000 patients as a physician,
  • scientifically highly-informed, having reviewed a huge array of nutritional approaches and written three New York Times bestselling books—including Effortless Healing,
  • promotes drug-free health and is open-minded, informed and respectful of complementary forms of natural medicine and wellness approaches.


  • is highly informative, providing 300, 000+ pages of health and wellness issues,
  • offers a range of daily or weekly newsletters,
  • provides a large, highly informative video library,
  • independent, taking no third-party advertisements,
  • provides contribution from a wide range of independent experts, typically via video interviews—with full transcripts available,
  • spearheads or contributes to a range of important health campaigns—such a for the elimination of mercury amalgam dentistry and the exposure of the damaging effects of GMO foodstuffs.
  • provides some great infographics!


  • Website and newsletters promote a range of products made by the Mercola enterprise. Sometimes products appear contiguous with advice, which maybe unsettling to some people. That said, in my opinion, the integrity of Mercola.com is sound.
  • The enormous amount of information available via Mercola.com can be overwhelming. I eventually gave up on the daily newsletter because I couldn’t keep up—though that was after reviewing, if not digesting it pretty well daily for over a year!
  • Taking in information via a website or newsletter is challenging. That is why I recommend the book, unless literacy is an issue—in which case, I recommend the video library.


Reviewing these resources, I am reminded of how much I gained from them. I have a strong feeling of respect and appreciation and even a degree of affection for Joseph Mercola. He is an accessible personality, who speaks naturally, credibly and easily on video, whether interviewing cutting edge practitioners and scientists, or explaining his own, personal health regime.

There is so much quality information available from via Mercola.com. In these days when corporate greed and state corruption is rife and directly linked to the modern ill-health epidemics, Joseph Mercola is arguably a bit of a modern-day hero. Watch the video to learn why I say that. It provides an excellent introduction to his personality, background, approach and to the phenomena that has led to his website becoming what it is.

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☆

Effortless Healing / Mercola.com: four stars out of five.

Next on my list of recommended food resources:


Real Meal Revolution


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