Primal Blueprint — Mark Sisson

14783599 This is where I began my LCHF journey. I gave it a try because it came highly recommended by readers. I thought at the time:

Ok, but why go so over-the-top with the front cover claims? “Effortless weight loss, vibrant health & boundless energy” it claimed. Tone it down a bit, I thought!

Then I tried it. Wow. Practically everything Mark Sisson claims began to happen. More energy. Less irritation and indigestion. Weight began to reduce, without any calorie-counting. People began asking me what I’d done to produce the changes they could see in me. I was so thrilled with the results that I bought several copies as gifts, for family members and friends.So what is the Primal Blueprint? Sissons reduces it to ten lifestyle rules, each of which is justified and explained with a chapter of the book:

  1. Eat lots of animals, and plants.
  2. Move around a lot at a slow pace (walk).
  3. Lift heavy things.
  4. Run really fast every once in a while (very short sprints).
  5. Get lots of sleep.
  6. Play.
  7. Get some sunlight every day.
  8. Avoid trauma (self-destructive behaviors).
  9. Avoid poisonous things (sugar, processed foods, man-made fats).
  10. Use your mind.

So, do I recommend the Primal Blueprint? What are its pros and cons?


  • jaunty language
  • accessible concepts
  • simple to implement
  • accompanying website, daily email advice
  • online community, discussion forums.


  • jaunty language (sic)
  • American cultural slant (excess of machismo)
  • annoying iconic figure
  • strongly commercialised.


Mark Sisson’s contribution, through this book and daily email (“Mark’s Daily Apple”), is to give people the confidence to go ahead and try out a Primal lifestyle. The accompanying website provides a lot of supportive and explorative discussion.

I appreciate the start that PB gave me, in understanding nutrition and how it effects our bodies. Ultimately, however, I found the commercial side of the Primal Blueprint movement too culturally-narrow and clamorous for attention. I began to seek out other, complementary resources to enhance what I’d begun to learn…

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️☆☆

I give Primal Blueprint three stars out of five.

Next on my list of recommended food resources:


Nourishing Traditions



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