‘Real Food’ Resources

A friend wrote to me, having encountered my introduction to real food and farming and how beneficial I’d found it to be. They said:

I find this genuinely inspiring…if I wanted to start moving towards this kind of eating, can you point me to any good resources for a simple start, please?

In response, over the course of the next five days, I’ll provide an introduction to four books and one website, each of which I have researched and referenced personally, to some degree or other, in my own nutritional and lifestyle transformation. All of these resources are aimed squarely at the popular market, whilst presenting advise based on the latest scientific understanding of nutrition and physiology. They are:

Note: Getting your head around the nutritional basis of Real Food and LCHF can be challenging. It goes against so much of what we’ve been repeatedly told, over the past four decades, by the establishment, including the health service, the mainstream media, politicians and the food industry, through advertising. It’s now becoming clear that this misinformation is directly linked to the Western health crisis of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks and a range of inflammatory diseases, including several types of cancer.

The good news is that science is now emerging to provide us with the knowledge to combat many of these diseases directly with nutrition. That is how Sarah and I have treated our own health challenges over the last few years. It’s not always been easy, but we are now reaping the rewards. The bad news is that the establishment continues to fight hard to marginalise the pioneers of LCHF (e.g., the recent high-profile trial of Professor Noakes.)

In due course, I may add another review of resources aimed at providing a scientific perspective on the nutritional and physiological aspects of the diet. Over the past two or three years, these two complementary perspectives have been considered and worked through in parallel, by Sarah—a biochemist by training—and myself. All I will say here is that the scientific basis for LCHF, referred to in the mainstream books, is adequately and repeatedly supported by the scientific literature.

If you decide to go ahead and trial and, or adopt a real food basis for your diet, please let me know how you get along—especially if any of the advice herein proves helpful. 


  • “real food”—refers to: the food itself; how it originates; it’s preparation 
  • “low carb, high fat” (LCHF)—refers to: the nutritional dietary framework.

First on my list of recommended food resources:



Primal Blueprint

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