My “real food” transformation

Real Food PyramidDuring the past 2-3 years, the importance of real food and the farming practices that supply our food has come home to me with genuine impact—both theoretically and practically.

This is how my awakening took place…

Before setting out on this transformational journey, say 2011-12, I was enduring, as an assumed inevitability of being middle-aged:

  • excess weight (95kg…and then some)
  • frequent post-lunch drowsiness
  • irritability, sometimes severe
  • anxiety
  • bouts of depression
  • indigestion
  • lack of fitness
  • lack of vitality
  • poor sleeping patterns.

Three years later, every aspect of that list has changed.

  • 20%+ reduction in weight (now 75-78kg, naturally regulated)
  • no regular drowsiness
  • irritability under control (ask my wife!) and increasingly rare
  • anxious, depressive bouts practically eradicated
  • indigestion rare to non-existent
  • fitter than any time in last thirty years (climbing mountains for fun!)
  • engaged in a range of involvements
  • sleeping better than ever.

I no longer feel middle-aged. In fact, I feel about 15 years younger than the age my passport tells me I am!

This slideshow illustrates my physical transformation over a 7-year period.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The journey from there to here has at its core, a completely fresh approach to lifestyle and dietary nutrition, in particular. As I’ve committed myself, along with my family, to eating only real food, I and we have witnessed numerous health benefits and improvements and I enjoy food in a way that never did before in my life.

Sourcing real food led to recognising the importance of real farming or enlightened agriculture—a really helpful term, I feel. This, in turn, led to discovering the renaissance of civil society quietly taking place, in connection with our “commonwealth”—wealth that belongs to all—in particular, land, labour and capital—yet which is increasingly being ruthlessly exploited by commercial activity and institutions that have effectively taken hostage significant elements of the state, in the name of economic advancement.

Amidst all of this discovery, I not only recovered health and vitality, I also discerned a fresh calling to invest myself in this sector. This led to becoming involved with Banc Organics, a not-for-profit community supported food scheme which grows organic vegetables and fruit in Bancffosfelen and distributes them in the Gwendraeth Valley and beyond, including the towns of Carmarthen and Llanelli. I established a food collection hub, which morphed into the Llanelli Food Assembly, which after just under a year of trading, is now discontinued, with the European-based Food Assembly pulling out of the UK altogether.

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