America’s Cup

Greatly looking forward to the America’s Cup, starting this evening and coming to a climax in about a month’s time. Sir Ben Ainslie—following his decisive thrilling participation in Oracle Team USA’s fantastic overhaul of Team New Zealand, in 2014—is the skipper of Land Rover Team BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing). This weekend sees the start of the qualifiers that, over the next three weeks, will lead to a finalist facing off against Team Oracle, the current holder of the Cup.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Land Rover BAR

The 2014 competition went from being a virtual slam-dunk for New Zealand, 8-1 up, in a first to 9 head-to-head competition, to one of the most extraordinary sporting comebacks in history. Few sports are able to combine strength, courage, intelligence, technical ability, cutting-edge technology and weather. Think F1 on water! Here’s hoping we see something approaching the drama of the last competition, over the next month. Information on how to watch for free, here.


One thought on “America’s Cup

  1. Sailing round the world in team work would be one of my ambitions if I had the money. Saw Robert Knox charity at tall ships in London promoting this recently


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