Maize Plant Discipleship

A Scripturally-based Learning Resource For Use in African Contexts, Freely distributable under license

Attribution: Florence Sipalla, CIMMYTSourceReproduced under licence.

Following 3 years of technical development and authoring, this month has seen the formal launch of “Maize Plant Discipleship.” Examining the concept, a Burkinabé theological educator stated:

“You are touching something that is not already existing. If we talk about evangelism, it may well be a new way of approaching evangelism, but we already have many methods of evangelism. But discipleship is really an innovative thing”

So, what is Maize Plant Discipleship?

A Learning Resource for Use in African Contexts

Derived and road-tested in collaboration with African leaders and learners and formulated in response to doctoral research conducted in Burkina Faso, Maize Plant Discipleship is a learning resource designed to be practical, relevant and accessible for use in African contexts:

  • a resource handbook and fifteen modular handbooks
  • providing sixty scripturally-based studies
  • using accessible language and concepts
  • tailored to small learning groups
  • incorporating reflective discussions
  • suitable for formal and informal study.

As widely available, as economically as possible…

The aim is to make these books available to African leaders and learners, as widely as possible, as economically as possible. Accordingly, the resource handbook and every module handbook is being produced and made available for FREE, in SIX different digital formats:

  • E-book and web-book — for group and, or personal study
  • Print-ready PDF — for economical handbook printing
  • Plain-text — for translation and republication.


“Free” means: E-books, print-ready PDFs and plain-text are FREE to download. Furthermore, under the terms of the incorporated license, Maize Plant Discipleship books — including printed books — may be freely reproduced and translated.

No publishing royalties; no restrictive copyrights; no commissions to pay.

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