Mynydd y Betws

Grade C+. 9 miles

Route : 9.2mi. OS Explorer
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2015. Weather: Wind, rain, fog.
Elevation: 990 ft. 3h 33m moving time. 4h 52m elapsed time. Av. pace 23 mins/mi.

Mynydd y Betws is a mountain located on the border between Swansea and Carmarthenshire, south Wales. It is the highest mountain in Swansea, and the highest land between the River Loughor and the Upper Clydach River.

There was little in the way of views to complement this walk, due to a fine drizzle and fog that enveloped most of our ramble. Even so, the occasion provided a good opportunity to walk off some of the excesses of Christmas and to look forward to the advent of a new year with fellow Ramblers.

It also provided a couple of interesting talking points, including a beautifully reconditioned barn, with excellent tiling and stonework — in particular, the carefully crafted, arrow-straight air vents running vertically either side of the 12ft high barn doors.

Impressively reconditioned barn, with long, vertical air vents

A large oak tree provided some considerable commentary. Discussion centred around the well-known tune, “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Ole Oak Tree” (I think!). I only heard part of it and was left unsure if there is any historical link to the song, but the consensus certainly seemed to be that this was a fine “Ole Oak Tree” and a worthy setting for a group photo…

We also passed through a farmyard exhibiting an “interesting” outbuilding…

A outbuilding that has seen better days!

And observed unseasonably flowering gardens…

I’ve heard of hardy annuals, but flowering in December?

All-in-all a very satisfactory ramble, eked out from amongst a busy Christmas season, amidst some very wet autumnal weather.

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