Christianity is not a religious option

Christianity is not a religious option: it is a call to service.

What we think of as Christianity is an historic faith. A faith focused upon a series of stories, describing real, historic events that took place, within the larger history of the world. And the objective reality, at the heart of all these stories, is the calling, the “election” of a people — firstly the Jews, then from amongst every ethnos — every tribe, people, language and nation (I.e. the Gentiles) — to serve God’s eternal purpose: the renewal of creation.

The People of God are called not for their own sakes, but for the sake of others.

Pars pro toto. The few for the sake of the many. Salvation — that is, deliverance from evil and the corruption of the existing order of things — is given to this people, not to save them from this world, but to better fit them for it: to deliver them from the idolatry that beguiles the world and to form them into a representative community of practical, effectual agents of change!

To equip them, God gives his most precious gifts: the person of his Son, the Presence of his Spirit, that through the People of God, shalom may be established amongst human beings.

Christian faith, therefore, is not a religious option. It is a call to serve: to serve the eternal purpose of God. To belong to a great people, blessed to be a blessing to all the nations of the world and a harbinger of creational renewal. Anything less is short-changing God, the People of God and the peoples of the world.

One thought on “Christianity is not a religious option

  1. John, yes and amen. And that is an understatement. This is exactly what the Lord has been showing me and what I’ve been teaching, that if there be any ‘chosen’ it is for the purpose of participating in bringing the Kingdom of God to our realities, for the healing and saving, the restoration and the establishment of the Lord’s great peace amongst our hearts and the hearts of all people (all creation restored to the original image as God designed) and of our communities and nations.

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