My journey

Over the past twenty-five years, intercultural missionary work has formed part of a broad vocation encompassing structural engineering, graphic design, printing, website development, property management, teaching, training, mentoring, academic study, doctoral research, writing and publishing.

These experiences have facilitated the development of a wide range of business and leadership skills, a holistic, vocational philosophy of Christian life, work and service and an itinerant, missionary engagement with Africa that has taken place without institutional backing.

Out of this engagement, I have developed a biblical learning resource, named Maize Plant Discipleship, designed to be appropriate to leaders and learners in Burkina Faso and other African contexts, formulated in response to doctoral research, carried out with Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.

The academic foundation for my participation in this doctoral program was laid by completion, in 2008, of a Master of Philosophy degree, incorporating the thesis The Eternal Purpose of God, a biblical theology of covenant, creation and community. This was itself a development of the foundational missionary theology that underpinned a Mobile Academy of Mission which I pioneered in Kenya, Texas and Burkina Faso, from 2000-08.

This experience was preceded by a decade of personal study and intercessory prayer, as part of an intercultural team of people committed to praying for the nations of the world. This missional perspective grew out of a period of leadership training and discipleship with DCI, following a conversion towards Jesus Christ, in 1987, whilst studying Civil Engineering at Nottingham University.

Dr John Clements